The 2016 National Prize for Communication Design

The 2016 National Prize for Communication Design

The 2016 National Prize for Communication Design contest was announced by the Slovak Design Center in cooperation with Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic with Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic and Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic also involved.
The contest was for the very first time in history only dedicated to assessment, appreciation and promotion of various fields of communication design. The 13th year of the contest was for graphical designers, graphical studios, advertising agencies, clients and students of graphical design and related disciplines. The contestants could try to win prizes in professional, student and experimental communication design categories.
There were 360 works by 236 authors registered in the contest. Prior to the commencement of assessment 17 works were debarred by the organizers due to failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the contest. The jury was then submitted 343 works for assessment. The works were considered online in the first round. The assessment resulted in 134 works chosen to qualify for the second round and the international jury of professionals chose the winners from them.
There were renowned experts in the field of communication design in the international jury this year: Klára Kvízová (the Czech Republic), a graphical designer, founder of the Živel (Element) magazine and owner of the ReDesign graphical studio – chair of the jury, Peter Hajdin (the Slovak Republic), a graphical designer and co-owner of the Komplot Advertising agency, Severin Filek (Austria), director of Design Austria and a design theoretician, Pavel Choma (the Slovak Republic), a graphical designer, teacher and owner of the Ateliér Choma graphical studio, Andrej Krátky (the Slovak Republic), a graphical designer and co-owner of the Creative Department advertising agency, Martin Pecina (the Czech Republic), a book graphic designer, typographer and member of supervisory board of the Graphical Design Union and Sonia de Puineuf (France), a historian of arts and graphical design.
The contest was evaluated in April 2016. Once the jury had completed their mission there was an exhibition of finalists installed at the premises of the Satelit gallery and those of the gallery placed in the attic of the Slovak Design Center at the Hurban barracks. These were the works that on the basis of decision of the jury qualified for the second round of the contest. This was the first and until now the largest show of communication design created in Slovakia in the last 3 years.
The visitors could choose their front-runner for the Prize of the Public during the exhibition. There was also a prize granted by representatives of the media.
All of the prizes were awarded on May 27, 2016.

The results NPD 2016

The 2016 National Prize for Communication Design
The edition Rudolf Sloboda (the Rudolf Sloboda Edition)
Design by Boris Meluš
client: Vydavateľstvo Slovart (the Slovart Publishing House)
The jury assessed the project as a courageous feat in the context contemporary book market in Slovakia and emphasized the exemplary the long term cooperation between the publisher and the graphical designer. The design of the edition represents a clear and convincing visual view. The references and quotations of the visual language of the books of the 60s are in connection with the name of the author adequate and suitable. The design is to valorize the author who may now justifiably be concerned as a classic of the Slovak literature. The designer fully grasped that dimension and oriented his creative approach in the level of highly standard graphical layout. The overall impression of the edition is not that of superficial retro, but it does to the contrary becomes timeless. The books of the kind do not become visually obsolete, but become icons of classical design.
The edition was generally recognized for its simplicity, superb interconnection between the contents and the form and pure typographical compositions. This is a purely typographical matter which is not just interesting for experts, but which (most importantly) shifts borders of the mainstream perception of the general public. The jury also appreciated the exemplary technological and printing layout of the publications.

The 2016 National Prize for Experimental Communication Design
Balustrade at Farské schody (Parish Stairs) of Žilina
Design by Marcel Benčík, Peter Lényi, Ondrej Marko and Marián Lucký
Client: OOCR Malá Fatra
The jury recognized how metal typography worked into the architectonically pure balustrade monumentally communicates with the public space and the architecture of the town. Even though the work completes the public space aesthetically, this is not an auto telic decoration to aestheticize it: manual variability enables to convey various information in the same format and in the long term. The new form of the balustrade, the interference with it, is understood as a place of mutual influencing between the town of Žilina and the local population. The authors showed how small digits may be used to convey a lot of information on the town and especially on the people who live and will live in that town.
The jury positively assessed the rate of the work ´s interactivity: monumental metal panels with numerical characters represent a rebus the solution of which the passers-by only read when they climb up the stairs to the very work. The combination used of the stenciled font by a Slovak author and metal material which does not degrade in time, but which ripen and resists external influences is also worth mentioning. The work is original and witty.

Prize of Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic for Student Communication Design
Contemporary Font Creation in Slovakia
Design by Samuel Čarnoký
School: Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Visual Arts
Mentor: Marian Oslislo
The work significantly exceeds the usually expected limits of a final thesis. The jury appreciated the exceptional, developed and professional approach in the area of research and own creation.
What is beneficial is the detailed mapping of the Slovak font creation from the 90s until present. The individual fonts are compared and characterized.
The expert issues processed in that way may, if published, serve as a didactic manual for students. It would therefore be proper to introduce it to the Slovak book market.

The 2016 Communication Design Prize
Publikácia Cvernovka (the Cvernovka publication)
Design by Martin Mistrík
The jury appreciated the professional processing of an interesting story of the former thread factory in the course of time. Besides history and architecture the publication also deals with the town, the presence and the new function – housing creative community. That was just the regard which the jury found interesting in the contents of the book. The design sensitively responds to the variedness of the material pictured and interfering with the specific consent just marginally it tries to fully support it in a respectful manner. The graphical layout of the book is in accordance with the way that the editor thinks, both levels support each other and form just one whole.
The basic visual style is formed by simple, yellow and black colorfulness referring to the industrial character of the topic. The name and character of the font selected - Urban Grotesk - is to evoke an urban topic. The contents is then developed along an imaginary time axis which guides a reader through the book.
The author makes use of the elements of the individual time periods overlapping at the same time illustration with the period and contemporary photograph. The folding pages are used where they support the contents. Major part of the text and much photographical and graphical material was created just for the book with the potential of the Cvernovka creative community being used in the first place. A third of the books is after all devoted just to those people.

The 2016 Communication Design Prize
A new creative concept of television identity of the RTVS program services – Jednotka (Channel One) and Dvojka (Channel Two)
Design by Oficina, s. r. o. (limited liability company)
Client: Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska (the Radio and Television Company of Slovakia)
The jury appreciated the way that authors managed to work with the existing logo of the institution: they only took over a minimum part of that logo (the colon) and playfully and creatively made much of it. The result unobtrusively combines high-quality typography with witty and clever animation. Professionally managed interconnection of graphical design, better known in its printed form, with motion design overlapping at the same time with artistic elements, such as colors, structures, grids. The motion provides graphics with monumental form, timing and patterns are placed in exactly expected sequences, do not tire or evoke any aggressive feelings. The Oficina studio´ s detailed work is what the public medium offering wide-specter program needs.
In case of a project of the kind the outreach of designer work is especially extensive as millions of people can every day see the result of his work. The jury therefore also emphasizes the responsible approach of the authors and the client as well as the tendency towards knowing cultivation of the public space.

Prize of the Jury
Collection of Works
Design by Veronika Obertová and Michaela Čopíková,  Ové Pictures
The jury appreciated collection of works of the Ové pictures studio in the area of multimedia communication design. The jury found interesting the variedness, unconventional invention and wide scope of creativity of the works the quality of which is always high.

Prize of Minister Culture of the Slovak Republic for the contribution to the development of communication design in Slovakia and abroad.
Peter Biľak

Nomination for the Prize of Minister of Economy of the Slovak Republic for the contribution to the systematic development of graphical design in Slovakia.
Slovak National Gallery

Prize of the Public
Skvost, verbal and visual identity of the brand, Brooch Couture with Grace
Design by Mikina Dimunová
Client: Skvost, s. r. o. (limited liability company), Bratislava
The SKVOST brand has a language of its own and uses archaisms. It works with three languages - Slovak, English and French. Its main motto is "contemporary vintage" and thus it reveals loveliness of antiquatedness on verbal and visual levels.
The main part of visual identity of the SKVOST brand is a logotype and a typographical monogram. The typographical monogram is created by putting all consonants in just one vowel that the word contains. The logotype on the other hand contains a claim which defines the category of the jewel by SKVOST / Brooch Couture with Grace. Formal rendering of the logotype is eclectic and nostalgically antiquated.

Prize of the Journalists
Design by Ján Šicko
Client: Slovak Fashion Council, o. z. (civil association), Bratislava
LookBook is a post-digital interactive book which comprises both printed and screened pictures. The individual sheets of the book are printed with white and black graphics which forms the physical component of visual information. The screened static pictures or animation are exactly mapped into the format of the book and thanks to the specially designed software and hardware are changing in dependence on the current page. They create "a floating“ picture layer which interacts with the print on the specific page. The result is a picture which is magic for the viewer and which exists at the boundary between physical and digital worlds, between the constant of the printed material and the ephemerality of the screened picture.



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